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Hi, I don’t quite know what to call myself yet, so please excuse my lack of introduction. I’m just a simple, crazy, obsessive, passionate, playful, and lovable fangirl much like the rest of the awesome people here. I like shiny and sparkly things, I love music, and I tend to spend more time on LJ than I probably should *facepalm* So yeah! Wanna be friends?


Likes: sparkly/shiny things, nice and friendly people, chocolate, sleeping, Robert Pattinson, Kristen stewart, music, LJ, anime, manga, Twilight Series(!), Stephenie Meyer, Blood Ties, vampires, family, and loads of other things! Does this tell you much about me yet?
Dislikes: mean people, getting annoyed, troublemakers (the bad troublemakers, not the good ones! Yes, there is a difference.), haters, getting my concentration broken, stressing over things, erm…ugh there too many to count XD


Thanks so much to kirssy for this awesome profile layout! She is amazing people, seriously.Check out her other work @ kirsiicons ALSO! For the most GORGEOUS and SEXY layout EVER credit goes to rescuedsoul! Thank you SO much! *kisses & hugs*

An awesome site dedicated to Rob! Hee! How can ya not love him? ;D ♥

Another fabulous RPattz fansite! I ADORE him! *nods* ♥

Site is dedicated to Kristen Stewart(KStew)! She's AMAZING! LOVE her! ♥

PRINCESS KELLMETT! Our beloved teddy bear! =3 ♥

This is one of my favorite Twilight sites! Check it out!

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