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19 September 2008 @ 10:16 pm

Hi everyone! I'll just get straight to the point. I'm afraid that school's taking up A LOT of my time and most days I'm too tired to do anything so it's getting a bit hard for me to update. HOWEVER, I'll still be online from time to time but I won't have my usual update compilations and stuff for a while.

I don't know how long this hiatus will last but it shouldn't be too long. You know I can't stay away. ;D

I hope everyone's doing well! Drop me a comment any time! I love to talk and make friends so feel free to leave 'em here or send me a PM!

I'm sorry if you're disappointed. I am too actually, VERY, but I really need a break and I'm a little (understatement) stressed at the moment and thinking about updating makes me a bit spazzier XD

BUT BUT BUT! I PROMISE that I will post for any BIG IMPORTANT things like a new trailer or something equally as big. I know I didn't post anything on the VMAs and I'm sorry but you can find a compilation on lion_lamb . 

Also, if you are looking for updates then go there! They've got everything and everyone is SUPER friendly even if they are insane, not that I'm one to talk. *gigglsnort*

So, I will see you all  soon! Ok! Ta for now! <3333333

P.S. If you're having trouble finding something then contact me and I'll see what I can do for you =3

EDIT (10/28/8):

OH GOODNESS! I miss you all and I'm so sorry for not posting the new trailer (yes, loves, there's ineed a new trailer. Go to YouTube! =D)

I've been so caught with school! It's been nearly impossible to do anything more than just my homework. I hope you're all well! I'll hopefully be on during any of our major breaks like Christmas break or maybe even Thanksgiving, that one I'm not so sure about though..hee, you know me! I'll most likely be watching Twilight as many times as I can in that short amount of time! XD

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19 August 2008 @ 05:26 pm
Hi!!! Ok, so I said that I'd just edit the last post with the updates but then I just thought, "Meh, why bother? Why not just make a new entry?" SO YAY! New entry!

Ok, we've got a bunch of stuff, not all new but I think most is fairly new. I also thought about it and I just might post a pic or two from my vacation.

Let's stop that chitter chatter for now and begin!

MuggleCast: Interviews SteMey

FEARnet: Interview w/Rob & Rachelle
or direct

Premiere.com: Interview w/CatWicke & SteMey
or direct

ReelzChannel: Interviews RPattz & Taycob

ShockTilYouDrop.com: Interviews Melissa Rosenburg or HERE (lion_lamb)
We all remember her, right? The writer for the movie! Yay!

Borders: Interviews the Cast of 'Twilight' or HERE (lion_lamb) or HERE (YouTube, only Rob & Kris's part though)
This was probably during Comic-Con. BUT OMG ROB & KRIS'S INTERVIEW ALMOST KILLED ME. They are sooo <3333 NO JOKE! EEEEEEEEE!!! The chemistry between them is TANGIBLE. They play off each other so well and they compliment each other! *swoon*


Rob w/Lucky Fans After Comic-Con 2008
(2 clips)

Extended Ballet Scene w/Subs

'How to Be' Trailer

Comic-Con on Asianschoolboy.com
I dunno if I've posted this before...oh well! Here it is again! =D (Not necessarily the same post on lion_lamb, it was posted twice)

EW: Fall Movie Trailers- See 'Em & Rate 'Em
Rate the 'Twilight' trailer. 

American Library Association: New 'Twilight' READ! Poster fetaures RPattz & KStew
to order your own go HERE.

New Rob! Pic at the Hellboy 2 Premiere

New Comic-Con Images!
An awesome set of pix!

Lion_Lamb Compilation of Best Set Pics

New Rob! Pic in Hollywood Leaving Les Deux Nightclub 

Movie Merchandise
'Twilight' Movie Trading Cards
Will be released in Nov. 2008

*warning: There are a lot of article about HP vs. Twilight...again. I think all of the article are by MTV...again. *facepalm*

EW.com: 12 Great Pop-Culture Vampires or direct
Edward makes the list! Yay!

Variety.com: Twilight Gets Widgets or direct
Variety continues to highlight 'Twilight' and emphasizes RPattz's growing fanbase.

ELLE Mag: 'Twilight' Bloodlust, Vampire Hotties

MTV TwiTues: 'Twilight' Author Stepheni Meyer Talks 'Breaking Dawn' Movie Possiblities-Sort Of... (8/12/08)

MTV TwiTues (con't): Stephenie Meyer Answers Your Burning 'Breaking Dawn' Questions (8/12/08)

TIME Mag: Gives 'Breaking Dawn' Review

MTV: 'Twilight' Candy vs. Harry Potter Candy or direct

MTV: 'Twilight' Lexicon Blog Hacked By 'Breaking Dawn' Haters or HERE (lion_lamb)

'Twilight' Script Review- Robert Pattinson's Role Seen as Difficult (positive review!)

MTV: 'Twilight' Web Site Controversy Inspires Strong Reaction or HERE (lion_lamb)

MTV: Vampires On the Brain? Help Us Create A 'Twilight' Quiz! or HERE (lion_lamb)

EW: 20 Fall Movies We Can't Wait to See or HERE (lion_lamb)
'Twilight' makes the list!

'Twilight' Competition Bumped to Jul '09
HP6 is bumped to July 18, 2009

'Twilight' Changes Movie Release Date
The set date is changed to November 21, 2008 slipping into HP6's former slot!

MTV: Did 'Harry Potter' Release Date Change to Avoid 'Twilight' Competition? or HERE (lion_lamb)

BlastMagazine.com: 'Twilight' In IMAX? or HERE (lion_lamb)

EW: New Fall Movie Preview includes 'Twilight'

EW: 'Breaking Dawn' 13 Notes for Newcomers or HERE (lion_lamb)

BlastMagazine.com: Top 10 'Twilight' Series Moments (BEWARE OF BD SPOILERS!)

EW: Fall Movies in the Steel Cage! What Would You See First? or HERE (lion_lamb)

MTV: 'Harry Potter' vs. 'Twilight' Battle of the 'Bands About Books' or HERE (lion_lamb)

VMAN Magazine: 'Twilight' featured in Winter Edition
Mag w/the 'Twilight' guys will be available Oct. 21, 2008.

Rollingstone.com: 'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer on Her Musical Muses, Upcoming Movie and Mermaid Dreams or HERE (lion_lamb)

tMF|Making Waves: A Tale of Three Young British Actors-Ben Barnes, Robert Pattinson, and Jim Sturgess or HERE (lion_lamb)
tMF Previews their upcoming top 50 hottest actors- Add your thoughts! (GO ROB!)

MTV TwiTues: Jackson Rathbone Recalls the Hair-Rising Experience That Made 'Twilight' Fans Wig Out (8/19/08 TODAY)

MTV TwiTues: Jackson Rathbone Explains Jasper's Angst and Edward's Attraction (8/19/08 TODAY) 

Operation Plaid (lion _lamb)

Click the image for more info! 

EW Popwatch: Post Your Edward/RPattz Dreams
Yeah, I dunno wtf this is about. *facepalm* I'd be scared to look at what people are dreaming about...ugh...(esp. *coughTwiMomscough*)


lion_lamb  !!! YAY!

'Twilight' Trailer Spoof!
This is effing HILARIOUS. I swear I almost peed myself when I watched this XD

As you all know...or maybe some of you don't...the movie release dates have been pushed forward! YAY! So here are the dates for far!

U.S.A- Nov. 21, 2008
Canada- Nov. 21, 2008
Australia- Dec. 11, 2008
Sweden- Jan. 2, 2009
Italy- Dec. 19, 2008
Singapore- Dec. 18, 2008
Chile- Jan. 1, 2008 (tentative date) 

Yeah, I think that about covers the updates! 
I will edit this post later for updates and such but OMG THE 'TWILIGHT' MOVIE RELEASE DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED!

The movie's set date, December 12, 2008, has been moved up to NOVEMBER 21, 2008. (Slipping into HP's old time slot!)

Read more about it HERE.

I kid you not, people! *bounces around excitedly* I'm like spazzing here! EEEEEEEE!
Ok! So, back from hell vacation! Lol! All right, it wasn't that bad. I kinda had some fun, actually. ANYWAYS! I know, I'm sure there are plenty of things I've missed but hey, I'm getting to them now! YAY!

I'll talk a lil bit about the trip later so let's get on with the updates!

I know there's been plenty more stuff on Comic-con that I NO DOUBT missed, BUT! I'm happy to inform you that you can find everything, or almost everything here: Comic-Con 2008 Compilation! (San Diego, CA)

Yup! It's organized and everything so have at it! There's tons to see!

Moving on!

Robert Pattinson & Rachelle Lefevre Interview (Ropeofsilicon.com)

MTV: New Blog Interview w/Christian Serratos, Breaking Dawn, and Kim Stolz

Teen Hollywood: Interview w/Robert Pattinson and Rachelle Lefevre (Another one!)
This is definitely a personal fave.

TeenHollywood: Do you use tongue or no tongue?
Robert: [Laughing] I always try to slip a bit of tongue in.


Kristen Stewart: The Messengers-"The Buildup"
or HERE (direct)

SteMey on Good Morning America! 

Amy Howe Photoshoot w/Krys & Solomon
They're on Myspace though so...yeah...you need an account....bleh...

EW.com: New Kristen Stewart Pic!
Yeah, it's part of the Comic-con thing but I had to add it here! I luffs her <3

New Pic! Rob in Plain Gravy
And DAMN! He's just so...*swoon* 

MTV:'Twilight' Stars to Reunite for the Film 'Strife'
or HERE (direct)

MTV: Take A Bite Out of the 'Twilight' Chocolate Bar!
or HERE (direct)

MSN: Does 'Twilight' Suck the Brain Out of Teens?
or HERE (direct)
Yeah, might not wanna read this...ah well an update is an update good or bad....or really bad...>=P

Portrait Magazine: 'Twilight' Cast Wins! 
Yay! The voting paid off! Woohoo!

h Magazine: Ashley Greene & Rachelle Lefevre Photoshoot & Article!
They look frickin' AMAZING. Just OMFG. No. Words.

OK! I think I got most of it...I hope. I dunno, I'll just add more later or something. ANYWAYS. YAY! Back at last! I had a pretty good time surprisingly. I think that what I enjoyed the most probably had to be the old cathedral. It was BEAUTIFUL.

I think the worst part was the whole road trip thing. It was only about 12 hours but it took longer because of my back injury so I had to stretch and all that stuff every hour or so *facepalm*

My cousin (who's about the same age) well, he wouldn't shut his freakin' face for more than a minute so you can imagine what all the air led to. A very gassy cousin that had no problem with "relieving" himself in front of his family. DEAR GAWD! I wanted nothing more than to leave him at one of the pit stops somewhere in Ohio! GAH!

Well, ugh I'll talk more about it later when I can get the image of strangling my cousin outta my head. I might even post some pix of where we went! =D

OH YEAH. Did y'all know that the Twilight Lexicon got hacked? Yeah...um...apparently there was some conflict because the Lexicon was being strict and so people got upset and they hacked into the site....Ok, so that I don't tick off anyone I won't post my opinion of that here...now...and let me remind y'all that this is my LJ and I'm entitled to my own opinion so don't get prissy with me!

And even if you do I can just delete the comments anyway X3 

So nyahhh! *giggles insanely* 

OHH! By the way, I HAVE to do a lil pimping. Ya see, ya'll know I'm an R/K shipper. Aaand my friend crailis actually just posted a R/K drabble (EEE! At last! Woohoo!) and it's AWESOME. So my fellow shippers, I rec it to you because you'll love it. For serious.

So go here: Coffee and Payback by crailis
Ok! Well, the message is that I just finished my sumer classes (I GOT AN A! OMFG, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!?) and tomorrow night (7/25/08) I am going to be dragged to Washington D.C. for a family vacation...*twitch* 

SO! I will be gone for a week or so and yes, I'll miss next week's TwiTues *sniff* and a bunch of other stuff. HOWEVER! Since I'm finished with school then at least after I come back, hopefully, I'll be able to get on more! YAY! 

There are a bunch of stuff and I don't wanna bore you with my spazztic comments...unless absolutely necessary...SO I will just post the links under the headers (they might not be in order...so yeah...) . I probably missed a few things, so just tell me and if you have a link or wanna see something and can't find it then I'll snoop around and I'll edit my post with whatever ya got or whatever I find. Okay? OKAY!

By the way, everything links to lion_lamb, if you can't access it (locked, and not a member) then let me know and I'll help ya out!

Let's begin!

Stephenie Meyer Updates/Info
Message: SteMey on Breaking Dawn-Book Spoiler Present!

Movie/Book Articles

Ten Magazine Covers That Shook the World 

'New Moon' the Movie IMDB Page

MTV: Twilight Tuesday!
Ask Stephenie & Nikki Reed: Rosalie (7/15/08)

-direct to MTV-
Exclusive: 'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer Wants Questions from MTV Viewers!

'Twilight' Tuesday: Nikki Reed Hopes to Make Us Understand What's Beneath Rosalie's Beautiful, Hard Exterior

New/Old-ish Pictures 
'Twilight': More Backlot Pictures from L.A. Times!

'Twilight': (New) Victoria!

'Twilight': (New) Cullen Family Baseball Photo

'Twilight': (Old) HQ Stills from Summit

'Twilight': Bella's Engagement Ring

'How to Be': Rob on guitar!

NEW! Pictures from Amy Howe w/Solomon and Krys

Movie Merchandise!

Trading Cards:
Edward, James, Bella, & Edward/Bella

'Twilight' Calendar (Pictures!)

ReelzChannel: Interview w/ Taylor Lautner

PopStar! BtS w/Taylor Lautner

'Twilight' Teaser Trailer #2:
Link 1 (.mov, .avi, etc..)
Link 2 (YouTube & TrailerAddict, .wmv, .avi, etc..)
Link 3 (Yahoo!)

POP WATCH Reports on Comic-con

OMG!Yahoo!: 'Twilight' Fans Camp Out for a Peek (and A Scream)

RottenTomatoes: 'Twilight' Fans Storm Comic-con, Rewarded With Extended Vampire Fight Scene

James, Victoria, & Laurent
Edward & Bella

Comic-Con w/Rob!

by the awesome mods at lion_lamb!
Comic-Con 2008 Compilation! (San Diego, CA)

IESB: 'Twilight' Comic-Con! (Pics & Article)
or HERE (direct)

Comic-con Pics
Audio Interview w/Cast

Everglow: New Comic-con Pix!

EDIT #2:
EW Interview Stephenie Meyer on Comic-con! (4 Parts)
-direct to site-

OK! I think that covers it! I'll probably check back later on (it's currently 12:06 AM). I just wanted to let everyone know what's going on and that I'll be gone for a bit! I'll miss you all! Talk to ya later, loves! *smooches*


By the way, keep checking back to the Comic-con Compilation from lion_lamb  for more updates! They've got tons! SO, you know that even if I'm not here to update and you don't know where to look, then you can find everything over there! WOOHOO!
EDIT #3:
Ok! I'm leaving in about 6 hours (it's currently 3:35 PM) and I wanna point out that it sucks that I'm leaving right before this Comic-con madness can come to a close =(

Also! I wanna say that I've watched some of the Comic-con clips and LMAO! Just EPIC. I'm a bit embarrassed for the fans and as a fan watching other fans going crazy and some asking a few questions that are in no way appropriate...*coughTwiMomscough* 

It looked like such a fun event and I wish that I could have gone! The cast is amazing and PLEASE! I've already deleted one or two rude comments, I DON'T WANT ANY BASHING! 

I really don't wanna see hateful comments! I've seen far too many ESPECIALLY concerning Kristen. Why? I don't know. I personally LOVE and ADORE her. I don't wanna see any "omg she was such a bitch!" or whatever. I don't care what you think of her and I don't want that crap on here. OK? Thanks muchly!

I'll miss you all! See you in a week! =3
YAY! I'm on time!


New 'Twilight' Movie Pic!
Run, Edward, ruuuuuun! <3

Full 'Twilight' Comic-Con Info
Yeah, I don't know much about it...*pout* I wanna go....

MTV Twilight Tuesday (7/15/08)


That is all.

(lion_lamb, downloads, YouTube, etc...)

NEW ET 'Twilight' Trailer
(YouTube links!)

I would write more but I'm speechless and Kris and Rob, the whole freaking thing left me incoherent.

No words, bbs. No words.



Ok, ppl. I just wanted to share some thoughts on the new ET trailer that we got today. Some thoughts aren't good and that's only because of what some people are saying. The trailer was just mind blowing and heart stopping and I have NO COMPLAINTS whatsoever!

I just wanna know why some people are still picking on Kristen. It's either she isn't showing enough emotion or her line was crappy, etc...PEOPLE! She was great! MORE than great! She delivered her lines perfectly, in my opinion. What do you want her to do?! Throw a fit and act like a child? I honestly think that Kristen is acting just like Bella would have acted! In the books it didn't seem like Bella was much of a drama queen herself and she preferred to hide her emotions or appear unaffected by things.

Kristen is like Bella pulled straight out of the book! She's a bit awkward, shy, and NORMAL. I know that people are entitled to their own opinion, which is why I'm posting this ranty snip in my LJ instead of a comment in lion_lamb, but c'mon people! Your expectations are too high, and not everyone envisioned Bella the same way, whether it be how she looks or how she acts.

I don't think that there's anyone else that could have done a better job. She's been doing a phenomenal job and I'm positive that she'll continue to do so.

OTHER than that, Rob had me drooling and trying to jump into the TV screen when I saw him.....and then again into my computer moniter when I watched it online XD

AND OMFG JAMES! *shiver* I wouldn't mind if he bit me....multiple times. Just GAH! The whole trailer was fantastic and I was spazzing through the whole thing like Taycob on a sugar high. EEEEEEEEEEE! XD

i think that's all for now....I think....
12 July 2008 @ 01:57 am
Yes,it's gonna be a pretty long-ish entry. Why? Because I, as I've stated in the previous entry, am attending summer school (no thanks to my math teacher...the bastard...) SO I have found myself to be faaaaaaar behind on the latest news SO I am now going to make up for it as much as I can with the updates that I've missed...much like the older update entries so far. 

And yes, I think that most of the stuff that I'm posting are things you've already seen *shrug* Ah well. 

School's been a bitch. I can hardly go online (my dear sanctuary! XD) and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow....today...yeah later today (it's 2:02 AM XP) I'll really have to make this quick and probably just edit it later. 

OKAY! Let's get started! =D

All sources included, of course! Some I will add a direct link to but all of the heading links go to lion_lamb.

Borders 'Twilight' Movie Calendar To Be Released 

I'm totally buying this when it comes out.

First Look At the Calendar
Yup! We got a bigger pic of the cover and May! Thanks to the Lexicon for sharing!

Update on the Calendar as of  7/02/08!
Got another update with Feb. and April!

Seventeen: New Kellan Lutz Video
or HERE (YouTube)
Just a short lil vid of Kellmett promoting two of his latest movies, 'Twilight' and 'Generation Kill.' He is just adorable!

Photo of Kellan Lutz @ Busted Daily & 'Twilight' Photoshoot?
A pic of Kellmett and some news of a 'Twilight' cast photoshoot for Teen Vogue!

Twilight Lexicon: Interview w/Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black
or HERE (YouTube)
Just a mini interview with Taycob. Ah, energizer!Taycob XD Cute kid, not a bad interview. Very amusing, to be honest. XD

SNMag:Top 20 Stars Under 30- Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
or HERE (direct to site)
Woohoo! Kris is #2 and Rob is #6! 

New RPattz (Spunk!) Pix 
Just 3 new pix of our beloved Robward *swoon* gorgeous! HE'S WEARING PINK! Real men wear pink, bbs. Tis' trufax.

TwiCast Article + New Moon Movie Rumour
(sources included, there's more than one)
The cast article has me so happy and giggling! I luff CatWicke so much! She is a genius. No joke.

Hottest Hunks Under 25
or HERE (direct to site)
Hell yes! Rob is on the list, of course! EEEE!

"Notas Para Ti" Article feat. 'Twilight'
Yeah, I have no idea what it says but there's a pretteh batch of pix on the article page so there ya are! lol!

MTV TwiTues| Twilight Tribute Band, The Bella Cullen Project: From 'Sexy Vampire' to Debut Album
or HERE (direct to MTV, article+video!)
Yeah, another not so spectacular, OME! TwiTues but hey, it's not so bad! Pretty cool! *shrug* There's a teeny bit of Rob and Kris so I'm happy. I'm particularly happy because it's a Rob/Kris bit. =D (7/08/08)

EW Online's Popwatch! Blog: Team Edward or Team Jacob?
or HERE (direct to site)
Heh, you all already know what team I'm on ;D TEAM EDWARD FTMTW!!! C'mon ppl! Drop a comment over there and show your love for our favorite vampire (or werewolf)!

'Twilight' On the Cover of Entertainment Weekly!
Can you say, "OMFG!!!!"? No words, bbs. No words.

Oh, and please keep negative comments to yourself because I don't like negativity especially when it concerns Twilight, Rob, Kristen, or anything to do with the movie and/or books. Okay? Okay! 

Rob looks flippin' sexy and Kris is beyond gorgeous. Yes, the cover has it's rough patches that may not look perfect or "how it's supposed to look" but whatever, I still think it's great. Nothing is ever perfect. So, ya don't like it? Deal with it. It's awesome and that's that. 

Now, look at the link below and go crazy because OMG YES. JUST YES.

NOTE: Here's a really good manip of the EW cover the way people probably thought (hoped) it'd look like: EW Cover Manip by  teaclock   

EW Inside! Twilight Article
YES! INSIDE PPL! LOOK INSIDE! IT'S LIKE 9827598275982349x MORE AMAZING and it MORE than makes up for the cover.

or HERE (<-----HIGH QUALITY! Thanks to Everglow!)

Seriously, there are no words to describe how unbelievable these are. The one with Rob and Kris and the rain? Oh dear LORD that just about killed me! And the one with Rob touching Kristen's arm (where she's wearing a white dress)? HOLY FRICKIN' CRAP! Just beautiful! *swoon*

More from EW On the Movie and the Books!
Interesting articles! I thought it was pretty fun to read! Check 'em out!

L.A. Times: EW's 'Twilight' Cover Backlash
or HERE (direct to L.A. Times)
Yes, the cover's brutal criticism caught some...unwanted attention, if you didn't already know.

New York Entertainment: 'Twilight' Movie and Books Announce Imminent Pop-Culture Takeover
or HERE (direct to NYE)
*sigh* Yup. Here too. However, I REALLY don't like this one. When I read it I felt more than a bit insulted (very much so at their tone). D<

Twilight Lexicon: Intro to the 'Penelope' DVD Special Feature for 'Twilight'!

It's a short vid but I DON'T GIVE A DAMN. I love the entire vid! I'd totally write some highlights on it but I want ya'll to see it for yourselves and I don't wanna spoil the surprise! So go! Check it out! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

ShockTillYouDrop: Intro to the 'Penelope' DVD Special Feature for 'Twilight'
or HERE (direct to site)
MUCH Better Quality of the Intro! I've watched it dozens of times <3

Robert Pattinson & Camilla Belle Pic
I like Camilla, she's awesome, but them dating? Um, no. Just no. Firstly, I thought she was dating Rob's, like BFF Tom (XD). Did they break up? Whatever. I mena, what ever happened to "Bros before hoes"? 

BUT! I don't think they're dating. In a comment there was something about Perez Hilton talking about Rob being Camilla's "rumored new boyfriend" but quite honestly, Perez is as reliable as Wiki, so meh I won't get upset over it. Plus, just because Rob and Camilla are seen together doesn't automatically mean they're dating. It seems that whenever some guy celeb is with a girl or vice versa (another celeb or not) it's assumed that they're screwing each other's brains out.

Ya see, at least we have proof that there's a "connection" between Rob and Kris instead of just a pic with Rob in the car with his best friend's girlfriend. For all we know he was just going to a club/party with a friend and needed a ride because didn't he just get his driver's license? Would he really just get himself a car? Or hey, carpooling. Yes, I realize that I might be a lil ranty...*sniff* Rob!...Kris!....*watches dreams of Rob/Kris crash and burn*....NOOOOO! 3 MORE MOVIES! *smack self* XD

I feel so fiercely protective of Rob (more than before, ya know with all the bashng he got and everything) but it might have something to do with me being a Rob/Kris shipper. Huh....seriously though, don't get me wrong. I adore Camilla, she's a sweetheart, but...nuh uh.

OK! I gotta stop before I go nuts.

Hey, as long as he's happy!....*sniff* but still... *pout* 

Why yes, I am pathetic XD


POPSTAR!: Behind the Scenes Set Visit Video! (lion_lamb, comment w/download link here  thanks to ljmd   . SHHHH!!!! XD lol!)  
or HERE (direct to site)
Yeah, it's not exactly MTV worthy or anything but Rob's a cutie especially in the beginning. And OMG I LOVE THE ENDING WITH HIM AND KRIS! They were like "playing" with their hands basically just bouncing them up and down while waiting for them to call Cut! And then KRIS SPINS ROB! *SQUEEEEE* SO CUTE! *giggles insanely* <3

Breaking Dawn: Quote of the Day!
YAY! SteMey has started her Quote of the Day and LOL! I love this. Yes, BEWARE of spoilers!..or semi-spoilers!...mini-spoilers?..I mean, it's not exactly huge or anything XD

I think that's it! I...think... I'll check back if there's anymore!...hopefully a lot faster! Lol!

YAY! See? I caught up!

OH! And I don't think I posted this but if anyone is wondering when/why RPattz (who will always be RPattz to me) became RSpunk, or Spunk Ransom, etc...it was because of this:

A TwiTues from a while ago, I think? Yeah, well I forgot to post this when Vorn (poordeadturtle) told me about it and SO! I post it now =D It was back at the end of May..I think...*shrug* Ah well, it was a while ago XD

This is either for those that don't know, or because we just wanna watch it again because it's funny, lol!


P.S. I wanna thank my friends, especially poordeadturtle  and crailis  for keeping me in the loop so I'm not so far behind on the latest! What would I do without you girls! ILU SO MUCH, MWAH! <3 
08 July 2008 @ 06:04 pm
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! OMG I MISS YOU ALL! You see, I just started summer school and I've got a shitload of homework because life sucks and it's unfair like that. My teacher is ok but she's way too fast that I can hardly understand what the hell she's saying. Anyway, I was supposed to update before but I've just moved to my aunt's house...well kinda, I'm still in the process. 

SO I'm WAY behind on the new stuff like the clips that were leaked but I didn't get a chance to see it because YouTube got it removed T___T *sigh* Oh well. Also, about the Kris bashing? C'mon people, it was like what, 2 min. worth of clips? Yeah, don't start hatin' just yet. Kristen and Rob will no doubt be amazing. I am staying positive about this movie no matter what. 

ANYWAYS, tell me what's new! I don't have class on Friday(s) so I'll be able to catch up then since during the week I'm buried under craploads of homework and review...stuff ugh...

AT LEAST! Today I was able to finish my homework! Yesterday was my first day and I swear I wanted to choke someone. I had enough homework to last a frickin' week but it was all due this morning before 7:30 AM. Seriously, wtf?

OH! By the way, here's one update that I can bring.....NEW TWILIGHT TRAILER WILL SHOW DURING THE DARK KNIGHT MOVIE PREVIEW THINGYS!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! *ahem* at least, that's what I heard...*shrug* y'know, not that it's big or anything..*coughcough* XD

I'll talk to y'all later!
01 July 2008 @ 10:53 pm
Hi hi! How is everyone? I know it's been a while, did anyone miss me? Lol! I've just resumed my physical therapy and everything been going well so far but I'm more tired than usual :/

ANYWAYS! I bring updates! I know that most of you have probably already seen 'em but eh, it's nice to see 'em again isn't it? Hee!


First things first! 

POPSTAR! Mag's 'Twilight' Spread Scans
Yup! Robward looks amazing as usual and Jacksper, Ashlice, Nikki, and Kellmett are looking great as well! I especially love the pic with Kellmett leaning against the wall, very smexy ;) Ashlice looks adorable in her trendy classy outfit and EEE! Yay for Kris and lol! She had a bit of trouble describing the Spunk, huh? Boiling? Constant? Why can't she just say 'hot'? I mean, she's just making it harder for herself! XD

More on the POPSTAR! Mag Spread! Full Coverage
Yeah, for anyone interested.

MTV TwiTues| 'Twilight' Rides: Bella's Beat-Up Pickup Comes to Life onBook-Turned-Movie's Set
Not that I don't like him, he's a good kid and all, but you'd think that Kris would be the one to talk about "her" truck instead of Taycob. It's not like "OME!!!" worthy but it's not bad, and there are some clips of Robward! So I think it's worth a peek! =D

Article+Video HERE. (direct to MTV)
Video HERE. (direct to MTV)

Oh! And Larry get's...to go to space? Lol! Read HERE.

RSpunk Singing & Playing Guitar
I SHIT YOU NOT! IT IS REALLY HIM! Quite honestly, I am impressed and have fallen even more for him! The song is very emotional and even if some might think that it isn't the best, I DON'T CARE! I love him and we all know KStew does too! *melt*

Or HERE. (direct to YouTube)

Greetings From 'Twilight': CatWicke Adds New Vid! About the Weather?
Yup! A new set vid! The weather doesn't seem to be cooperating XD We got a rare appearance by ESME-MAMA!!! EEE! I KNOW! I COULDN'T BELIEVE ME EYES!!! XD And we gots Nikki, Ashlice, Peter, etc... And CATWICKE! Lol! She's such a hippie. ILU CatWicke, you amaze me XD

Twilight Lexicon: The Wolf Pack (Video!)
Aww! I love Embry/Krys! I had no idea he was the original Jacob! And that is all I will say on that matter. And EEEEEEEE SAM/SOLOMON!!!! He is beyond awesome, peeps. No joke. 

New RSpunk Pix ft. Nikki! At the Club
There are only 4 but they're still pretty awesome! Rob is totally workin' the "hobo" look! Lol! And yeah, Nikki doesn't look like Nikki but apparently it IS her. *shrug* Meh, she's in one pic, it looks like they're fighting, lol!

Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair
Yup! KStew's in Vanity Fair! For some reason, however, they fail to mention 'Twilight'....hmph! When December comes....AND WHERE THE HELL IS ROB?! *facepalm*

More of KStew in Vanity Fair
I love her answers! Except for the "Boy Crush" one. I mean, as sweet as her shoutout is, *sigh* you all know where my loyalties lie! And *ahem* with this:

Favorite designer? “Oh, I don’t know­. Anything that’s beat up. I kind of like to look like a hobo.”

We know where hers REALLY lie as well ;D LMAO! Oh yes, we all know it's true. RSPUNK FTW! HEE!

ANYWAYS! Kris is looking as GORGEOUS as ever! Seriously, I would SO do her. I would. And Rob. At the same time, even. Heh. Oh! And does anyone else notice how much tinier she is than the other girls? It could also be that she's standing on lower ground, but still! Compared to them she's so small! Awww! *gush*

Wolves w/Bella Pix!
YAY! Pix of the Wolf Pack w/Bella! Not necessarily "with" Bella of course. She's just in the pic with Embry, but yeah, you know what I mean. And doesn't she have the prettiest smile!? Oh, I love that pic! He's so flippin' tall! *coughJacobcough* Yeah, shit happens XD

MTV TwiTues| 'Twilight' Actor Michael Welch Auditioned For Edward Cullen But Found Right Fit With Athletic Geek Mike Newton
Yup, all about Mike! With Mike!...the only thing that bothers me is the Shia LaBeouf part...Isn't it pronounced La BUFF?! Oy....but overall he's a cutie =D 

Or HERE. (direct to MTV)
EDIT: Or HERE. (YouTube)

Again, it isn't an "OME!!!" TwiTues but it's good! It's enough to hold me over...for now. Oh, and the Hannah Montana/HSM comment made me LOL so hard! XD

But seriously? If Miley really does a cameo then I swear I will choke a bitch.

4 MINUTE 'TWILIGHT' Trailer on Penelope DVD!
EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! A 4 MINUTE TRAILER!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! The DVD comes out July 15, 2008.

MTV 'Twilight' Photo Gallery
I dunno if any of you have seen this *shrug* but YAY! ROB AND KRIS!!!!! I luffs them <3
OOOOOOOOOKKKAAAAAAAAY! I think that's all! It's late so I'll be going to bed now! I have physical therapy again tomorrow so I gotta turn in! Talk to y'all soon! I'll check back later for more updates as well! *blows kisses*
23 June 2008 @ 11:45 am
Yo! Ok, so I know I haven't updated as frequently as I used to. And no, it's not just because there's nothing of interest to update on XD

Anyways, I figured that I should explain some things...

There are updates after this so you can just scroll down and ignore this if you want. It's kind of a long story so I'm gonna try to make this short.


Ok, now let's go to less depressing matters and get to the updates! 

Yes, these are insanely late updates so no doubt you've seen them but in case you haven't then you can find them here AND because I can check back here too! =D See? Win/win! LOL!

Here's last week's Twilight Tuesday!

MTV TwiTues:Cullen Crest
MTV TwiTues: Unveiling the Cullen Crest
(both have articles and the same vids, don't worry, they aren't two different things...unfortunately XD)

or HERE. (lion_lamb with downloads and everything!)

More Cullen Crest
or HERE. (lion_lamb)
Info from the jewelry company that made the crest!

Cullen Crest Jewelry! Available to the Public? 
From the Cullen Crest jewelry makers! It looks like a YES! Lol! I can't wait til that comes out! How exciting is that!? EEEEE!!!

SteMey Update about BD Concert Series!
Yup, an update on her site about it! Check it out! 

and more about it HERE (lion_lamb, plans? extra tickets, etc...)

Robward Party Pic
RSpunk hangs with Rihanna? Lol! Who knew? *shrug* Oh, and the beard our delicious Spunk is sporting? Yeah, sorry Mike but Rob's the only one that can work that look. Oh hell yes, I approve ;D *faint*

New Set Pix!
They were found on Facebook! I also found them on Gil Birmingham's site HERE.


The box in front of them is Kris's cake! EEEE R/K! They are too cute for words! *thud*

The Whys and Wherefores of the Comi Con
Tips, dos, and don'ts, people. Read the comments as well. They're informative. *nods*

Bella's Engagement Ring (artist rendition)
Um, ok. I gotta be honest. I don't like it. It's too gaudy, too tacky. I mean, it's okay but I, myself would never buy or wear it. I know what you're saying, "Well back then and historically speaking...blah blah" Yeah, I get it, but even historically speaking....

C'mon I get that maybe you'd see it during the 1920s and stuff but that looks like something a flapper would wear, not a Gibson girl. If the ring is supposed to be Edward's mother's then shouldn't it be more Victorian to Edwardian-ish? (Yes, Edwardian, it's a real age, believe me.)

I could be wrong though. I think I prefer something more like this or this. (LOL Look at the names! EDWARDIAN. ROFL! See?)

That's just my opinion though. If it's something like the artist's rendition then it's no wonder that Bella doesn't wanna wear it. -___-''


Real Volterra Pix!
It's flippin' GORGEOUS! But I dunno, it seems a little too small for the epic "festival" scene....*shrug* I still think it's beautiful though ;D

Solomon Trimble Interview with Twilight Series Theories
or HERE. (lion_lamb)
Yup, lol Solomon is one of the awesomestestest people in the entire UNIVERSE. He's so charming and he has got a way with words let me tell you! There's a part where he says "lust" when talking about how he'll act with Emily and stuff and OMFG *swoon* 


Ok, So one of our listeners, Twihard wants to know are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Ok what does this mean? It's like see, the teams are set like who is going to get Bella in the end? 


That's how they're set up. And uh..well I can answer like Sam, "I don't care." 

*laughs* That's awesome.

Who cares? *laughs*

*all laugh*

 That's my answer. *laughs* 

That's great, no, cause some people they feel like every fan has to have an answer and you like, Kassie, definitely has an answer (Some people) But I'm one of those that feel like "I don't know." You know, like, Stephenie's gonna make up her mind why should I try and figure it out now? But anyway, are you looking forward to-

Well, I mean, I think, ok I will say this.  Every-like even reading the book I get to the point where Bella kissed Jacob and she found herself enjoying it.  I threw the book down and was like 'WTF?! ' (yes, he actually said "What the f*ck?!" and yes it was censored XD)

*all laugh* (lol Kassie laughs hysterically....as did I when I heard this XD)

I'm sorry I didn't mean to curse. 

*still laughing*

I did not state that but I was very surprised. (*shrug* lol I dunno what she's talking about, the kiss? or what Solomon said? Lol!)

All right, I see the oppositions Stephenie's setting up but I can't believe I went through all these pages of how much Bella likes Edward and then bleh(that? I dunno it's sounded like both bleh and that...XD) and I was like "Oh! Are you kidding me?!"

*still laughing*

But uh as teams goes, I really don't care it doesn't matter,

Yeah, that's funny though...*chuckle*

It doesn't affect Sam so...I don't care! 

Yeah, that's awesome.

*still laughing*

Sam, I'm pretty sure Sam would say, he would be Team Edward because he's tired of hearing about Bella. 

Yeah?There you go, that's awesome./Yeah? I like that answer! 

LOL! And that is a snippet of the interview! Solomon/Sam FTMFW!!!! GO EDWARD! LMAO! That's right, peeps! We all know he's Team Edward! LMAO! You could TOTALLY hear it in his voice! Lol trying to be all "I don't care!" Pfffft! XD He just can't say it cuz of course it's Jacob and stuff. Heh, we know Solomon, we know ;D

Kristen & Cam Stewart Photoshoot
Yup! KStew and her big bro did a photoshoot together! Check it out! Kris looks chilling yet gorgeous!

Books and Such Coming This Fall!
Books about the Twilight Saga! Illustrations, guides, etc!! Lol! All I can say is WOOOOW!!! XD

And what we've all been waiting for!

Twilight in PopStar! Magazine!
Where's the nail polish? The popcorn? Time for the sleepover! We can giggle and whisper about boys while we watch Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet *squeal* Or we can gush over the Jonas Brothers, OMG aren't they like SOOO HAWT? MAKEOVER!!!! I want hot pink toenails!

......Ugh....my head and my stomache kinda hurt after that mental image...woohoo for sleepovers....Lol! Okay, it's only the front cover so far but hey we got something! But ARGH WHY ARE THEY IN THE CORNER?! And so tiny too?...bleh it's like the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon threw up all over the cover...but hey, for Twilight? I WILL SACRIFICE MYSELF TO THE HORROR THAT IS JoBros, Zanessa, and all that other crap!!! Ugh! Too...much!...*thud*

XD lol just kidding, it ain't that bad...I don't think =D

And I mean no offense to those that like those things, it's just not my thing but once in a while I do like the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, let's just say that it's a guilty pleasure and that it's the teeny bopper part of me lol. And yes, I'm aware that I'm not even THAT old, but I got myself an old soul *puts hand over chest and sighs dramatically* XD



Wouldn't the perfect gift be Bella, in your bed, with a beautiful dress that's laying in a pile on the floor? 

-^__^-  And perhaps a little bow on her head? Or her...uhhh....yeah hehehe ;D

*sigh* what to do with him *shakes head* XD 

You see, I wanted to make a cake or some cupcakes to celebrate his birthday...but my baby cousins got to the batter before I could put it in the oven....they decided to take a chocolate cupcake batter bath...all over the kitchen floor...*sigh* T_____T

I'd take a picture but it got pretty dirty and I was afraid I'd drop my camera in the remaining batter....pfffft remaining batter...riiiiight, like there was really any batter left *facepalm* Babies are a wonderous thing...

I think that's it for now! I'll check back later! v-^__^-v